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“The pursuit of my goals has been a long, demanding, but very rewarding journey. Through this pursuit, there have been many difficult challenges along the way. It was necessary for me to not only acknowledge these challenges but to face and overcome them. Glenn is instrumental for me to understand and conquer these challenges on a deeper and more meaningful level. Through understanding and perspective, it is more than learning, it is personal growth. He is there every step of the way and is an invaluable asset. One that I highly recommend.”

Adam Field
CPO, Meshwork

“I reached out to Glenn when my consulting business was really taking off and my wife and I were having our second child. Exhaustion was taking over, and the daily grind was really becoming a challenge, especially emotionally. Glenn has been “rock” for the past six months as a solo entrepreneur. He helps me make sense of what I’m experiencing, and how I’m experiencing it. Not only that, but he’s helped me start to scale my business and really see the vision of how I create more balance in my consulting practice. I can’t imagine where I would be without his assistance.”

Dan Kern
Founder and Principal Consultant, Kern Media
Kern Media website

An Effective and Proven Coaching Method

My coaching method is a solid approach that provides a very rich context, consistency, and practical step-by-step plans. I can help you clarify your vision and goals, define the results you want to have, then create a process to make it happen. The process is just as important as the results. 

My unique coaching method is an approach that utilizes research, evidenced-based methods, and validated knowledge bases. My programs target improving soft skills such as emotional intelligence, understanding, self-awareness, and thinking patterns. 

My clients mature more into their roles, responsibilities, and relationships. My approach gives clients a deep meaning in all aspects of work, family, and life.

“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz

“Glenn really helped me be more effective at work and to lead my company the right way. As a new dad, he helped my wife and me navigate the difficulties of raising a family while managing a fast-growing business. He understood my needs as a high-achiever and helped me change what I did each day so I could finally cut out the noise, be much more productive, and go home to my family satisfied with my work. I’ve found our work to be like a trusted partnership where I had the safe space to talk about whatever was heavy on my heart. I never felt judged or criticized in any way but was constantly encouraged, supported, and cared for. Unlike many consultants, Glenn was always knowledgeable, accessible, and ready to step in and be there for me.” 

Zachary Johnston
CEO and Founder, The Spice Guy
The Spice Guy website

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