Executive Coaching and Training

My programs were designed from research, clients’ feedback, and measuring their results from the coaching process. These programs focus solely on providing a high-level of support, guidance, insight, confidentiality, and communication. These programs are available via secure online video conferencing, phone call, or in-person for those in the Greater Denver area. If you need something beyond this, let’s customize a program specifically for you and your organization.

• 360 Degree assessments and follow-through strategy sessions.
• Vision alignment and planning.
• 60-Day and 90-Day plans.
• On-Boarding plans for new leaders.
• Increase your leadership skills and expand your leadership presence.
• Be much more effective in the chaos and stress.
• Implement successful thinking patterns.
• Eliminate negative behavior cycles.
• Improve communication and relational skills.
• Grow your emotional IQ, understanding, and self-awareness.
• Learn to inspire people for better productivity.
• Anchor into your purpose and passion.
• Identify toxic personnel and learn how to work with them.
• Cut-out the noise and distractions. Fine-tune your focus.
• Improve your work-life balance.
• Align your daily process to your expectations and goals.
• Written coaching summaries with personal SWOT analysis, email and phone support.

Organizational Coaching and Training

Lead your organization into more productivity, growth, and a more positive company culture. Organizational coaching and training can be very effective because it includes everyone in the same training process.

• Organizational mapping, reviews, SWOT analysis, and plan of action.
• Conflict resolution.
• Vision and strategy alignment.
• Solidify strategic and personnel goals.
• Deepen awareness with diversity and cultural training.
• Stay on track with on-going organizational analysis with recommendations.
• Quarterly review with leadership team.
• Quarterly half or full day training available with integrated small-group processing.
• Change communication skills to improve trust, collaboration, and productivity.
• Change the company culture to match the vision and values.
• Coaching for major disruptions and times of crisis.
• Integrate executive coaching.
• Integrate employee training.

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