Do I Have to be a leader to be a Client?

Definitely not. Though I have clients who are C-Levels, SVPs, and VPs, I also have clients who simply want to grow personally and professionally so they can fulfill God’s calling on their lives.

How many hours a month do I need?

It depends on your situation and what you believe God wants to address. Most clients need only 2 hours a month, some need more, and some need less.

Do You Work With Individuals or a Group of people?

Both. I am capable and have the resources to work with an individual, the leadership team, or an employee group. I can provide both individual and team coaching within the same company.

Why executive Coaching from a Christian perspective?

The business world is overflowing with ideas, methods, and applications based upon someone’s idea of what is success and how to make it happen. If you look closely at most coaching models, they are inconsistent with their own principals. The Christian worldview offers consistency, accountability, and sustainability for every client.

Do you only work with Christians?

You can be of any faith or have none at all. I’ve had clients from diverse walks of life and of different faiths, or none at all. I’m glad to work with anyone regardless of our differences in spiritual matters. My role is to guide, support, challenge, and help my clients the best way I can.

do you offer discounts?

I offer discounts to a select few organizations. It depends upon the work needed, the organization’s resources, and if it is a good fit.

Do you work only with companies? What about non-profit organizations?

I work with clients and organizations when it is a good fit for both of us, not based on the organization. My services are extended to for-profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations.

How Do You See Clients?

Most of my clients prefer to work via the phone. A confidential online Zoom room is also available. I see clients in-person when possible.

Do You Offer on-going coaching after a client finishes a program?

I offer on-going coaching for clients who do not need an intense program but rather need to connect once a month. Ask me for details.