Do I Have to be a leader to be a Client?

Definitely not. Though I have clients who are C-Levels, SVPs, and VPs, I also have clients who simply want to grow personally and professionally so they can fulfill God’s calling on their lives.

How many hours a month do I need?

It depends on your situation and what you believe God wants to address. Most clients need only 2 hours a month, some need more, and some need less.

Do You Work With Individuals or a Group of people?

Both. I am capable and have the resources to work with an individual, the leadership team, or an employee group. I can provide both individual and team coaching within the same company.

do you offer discounts?

A discount is only given to select non-profits. 

Do you work only with companies? What about non-profit organizations?

I work with clients and organizations when it is a good fit for both of us, not based on the organization. My services are extended to for-profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations.

How Do You See Clients?

Most of my clients prefer to work via the phone. A confidential online Zoom room is also available. I see clients in-person when possible.

Do You Offer on-going coaching after a client finishes a program?

I offer on-going coaching for clients who do not need an intense program but rather need to connect once a month. Ask me for details.